Tinfoil Surprise Door




Introduction: Tinfoil Surprise Door

 You will need: 1. A roll of tinfoil, 2. the door to a place where your victim always goes, 3. as many pop/beer cans as you like, 4. a victim with a sense of humor, 5. Scotch Tape, 6. Scissors*for cutting tinfoil* 7.(recommended) 4 or 5 pillows.


Step 1: First: the Door

 Make sure that to open the door you have to push from outside the room. ( works best with bedrooms) Leave the door all the way open

Step 2: Clear an Area for the Cans

 Clear an area around the door and setup a pyramid of cans inside the room, in front of the doorway.   (Put a few pillows around the doorway so the victim isn't hurt if they fall.)

Step 3: Tinfoil the Door

 Cut out strips of tinfoil to match the width of the doorway. Then tape them on the doorway horizontally. 

Step 4: ENJOY

 Get all your brothers and sisters and maybe even your mom and dad.



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    I really don't get what you're trying to describe w/this 'ible...

    You need to actually make something and take pictures of that. Esp. if you only put this together for the competition.