Picture of Tinker Toilet Paper Holder
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Tinker toys may be fun to play with, but they are also extremely useful, especially around the house. Why buy a toilet paper holder when you can make your own at such little cost? When tinker toys meet functionality, they do wondrous things. All you need for this project is a can of tinker toys and a minute of your time.

  • Tinker toy spool with 8 holes around the outside and one hole in the center
  • Eight short yellow rods that are 3 inches long
  • One long orange rod about 10 inches long
  • Toilet paper rolls

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
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Basically, to make the base of the tinker toy-let paper holder (haha how I love puns), take the 8 short rods, and push them into each of the 8 holes on the outside of the spool. Make sure they are all securely stuck inside the holes.
aqua 122 years ago
How is it a toy
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