Tinplate Lamp Shade





Introduction: Tinplate Lamp Shade

This lamp shade is based on an existing lamp.

Material you need to make this lamp shade:

- Tinplate sheet to fit in all the segments (45 in total)-> See the segments outline plan! I used 0,18mm thick tinplate; Aluminium could work as well..
- 200 Bolts M3X4mm
- 200 Nuts M3
- 200 Washers M3
- Steel Cord (dia 2mm) for suspension
- Electrical Wire
- Lamp Fixture + Lamp

- Bending table if you don't have one you have to make one (See Picture)
- Metal drill bit 3mm + Drill
- Measurement Ruler
- Scratch needle



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    an instructable on how you made your bending jig would be nice :-)

    1 reply

    I'll keep that in mind :)

    I got mine from a local tinplate factory, but I know there are internet shops out there selling tinplate as well.

    love it! you should enter this is the copycat challenge:

    1 reply

    I'm already In ;)

    Nice bending brake contraption you built...I may have to replicate that!

    Looks great. However, do you think you could add more detail to your Instructable? Such as how many pieces are required, the correct angles and measurements, how you fastened it all together? (Pretty much whatever we'd need to know to make it according to your directions). The 3D drawing file could help too. :-)