Introduction: Tinting Tail Lights Ford Falcon Xr6

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Here's a quick guide to tinting light with a spray can type tint. It costs about $30 NZD for a can but that would do at least 4 sets of lights. Also it is illegal to have any alterations like this on lights in my country and although I haven't had any trouble as of yet, be careful.

Step 1: Remove Lights

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For my car I just had to pop the boot and there were two screws underneath it for each tail light. Undo the screws and the light slides out a small way. Reach in behind and undo all the bulbs, They were a stiff quarter turn anti clockwise to undo. Remember where each bulb went so you can put them back correctly!

Step 2: Mask Up Lights

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Use masking tape that isn't to sticky so as to leave residue on the lights and cover up all the parts you don't want tinted.

Step 3: Paint Them

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Put them somewhere that doesn't matter if it gets oversprayed. Follow the directions on the can for flash off time between coats. Paint until darkened to your liking.

Step 4: Before and After

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This is the second time I have darkened mine Because It fades slightly after a while.


malitam (author)2015-07-25

you are aware of the purpose of tail lights right?

littlemattyp (author)malitam2015-10-05

I was vaguely under the impression and feel free to correct me. That they're there as an indicator to how "sick" my burnouts are. When the smoke becomes thick enough that no light can pass through then the burnout is considered "sick"

ChinoPisces (author)malitam2015-07-26

You are aware that tail lights are still visible despite darkening them, right?

mrandle (author)ChinoPisces2015-07-26

Yes but they are admittedly less effective. That being said I much prefer this to tinted headlights.

jreauclaire (author)2015-07-30

Try tinting your headlights, too.

littlemattyp (author)jreauclaire2015-10-05

I will tint my headlights in the near future but I'm going to use a film for them. It gives a much more consistent shade over the whole light whereas spray looks a little speckley when put on lightly and also film keeps a glossy look.

KseniaL (author)2015-08-28

Sorry for not writing in the right place, i just didnt find appropriate place. Im going to buy a car for my wife and searching for any information about this online auction maybe smbd already bougth something from there? thanx

Maddo1214 (author)2015-07-28

I agree Tumunga, especially if I use a mask during the process. But alas, my family and friends have voiced their opinions against it and my partner has said no. Thankfully, only three more weeks until my due date then I can get working on my car again :-)

Maddo1214 (author)2015-07-25

I have a BF falcon with clear tail lights. I also have a can of nightshades to do this with but I'm pregnant at the moment so just waiting until I squeeze this sucker out so I can do it without potentially harming my offspring :-)

Tumunga (author)Maddo12142015-07-26

I don't think using a little tint paint to taint your tail-lights will harm your offspring that's still in your belly... :)

neopolitan (author)Maddo12142015-07-25

if the police give you.jip just say you parked in a bad neighborhood

Maddo1214 (author)2015-07-26

Surprisingly, you can still clearly see the lights through the tint.

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