Tiny Altoids Watercolor Paint Set





Introduction: Tiny Altoids Watercolor Paint Set

A tiny watercolor paint set that holds 5 half pans of water color and fits in your pocket along with your keys.

It's perfect to throw into a man purse or diaper bag, whichever you prefer. Personally, I keep this in the car for when I get stuck babysitting the 2yr old during nap time while out and about.

Step 1: Inventory

- Tin case - While I found the mini Altoids tin to be ideal, you could use any small tin case. If using Altoids, remember not to drink Coca Cola / Coke after you eat all the mint to empty the tin.

- Glossy Enamel Paint - Spray or brush paint from Home Depot or your favorite hardware/art/craft store. Spray paint is easier to use but messier than brush paint. Make sure it's glossy paint. Matt finish paint is hard to clean water color paint off.

- Masking/Painter's Tape - You will need some tape to cover areas you do not want the enamel on.

- Paint Remover - Your hands will get paint on them. Also, if you are obsessive on neatness like myself, you will need the paint remover to touch up the tin once done.

- Paint Brush - If you are not using spray paint you need this to apply the paint.

- Water Color Paint - Pick your brand of 5 water color half pans.

- Glue - You will need this to stick your pans to the bottom of the tin to avoid the pans from bouncing around and making a racket while you walk.

Step 2: Paint the Tin

- As instructed by the spray paint can, go outside - the paint will smell. Also, you do not want to get the enamel on furniture or the floor. It's hard enough to remove the paint from your hands once done.

- Use masking tape or painters tape to cover the portions of the tin you do not want to paint - basically the entire outside of the tin. Most likely, any area not covered in tape will get paint on it.

- Spray the paint on to the tin. Add one layer, wait for a few minutes and add a second.

- If you are me, you will move the tin to a cleaner area.

- After 4-6 hours, remove the masking/painter's tape carefully. You can use a paper towel, wet with paint remover, to clean off unwanted paint.

- Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Go Water Color!

- Stick your half pans of water color to the inside of the tin with some glue.

- That's it! Go paint something better that I did!!!



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    5 Discussions

    @eilu - I like the sponge idea... Much better than using any old paper towel to clean the aqua brush

    @hartmannsclaas - I'll try that out, good idea.

    Very nice. You might also enjoy buying a $1 eye shadow from a dollar store. Scrape out the eye shadow and fill the recesses from tube water colors.

    Brilliant. You can add a small sponge or wad of paper towels on the top half of the tin, to wipe the brush between colors.

    hmm Latex gloves or gloves of your choice at while doing this part. perferably long enough to cover the fore arms u dont want to get that paint on yr arms do u?