Introduction: Tiny Animals

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Over there, under our feet, there are a fantastic tiny world. Take a minute to think how an ant see us or a worm. Maybe to people don't care this world but taking a picture about this world is amazing.

Dont necessary a good camera to it, just need to be patient.

Step 1: Focus

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The first step is imagine how the photo will be take it. I never took a photo with a professional camera, my only tool is my cell phone. So many cell phones has a automatic focus so you work is search for a strategic place to take a photo. For tiny animal the comparision between know objects and the animal is a great idea. Use all around of you!

Step 2: How Many Times...

Picture of How Many Times...

don't worry about times to take the photo. A great error is wait for a perfect moment, the perfect moment doesn't exist. Be patient and take a thousand photos. You will choose the best photo.


suresh chauhan (author)2017-03-28

Very goid pic

FJI15 (author)suresh chauhan2017-04-21


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