Tiny Auto-measuring Dist With Mini Part_3




Introduction: Tiny Auto-measuring Dist With Mini Part_3

1) easy .

2) simple.

3) 2032 batt.

4) homemade.

5) portable.

Step 1: Material

dcv - displayer module * 1

Li battery (2032) * 2

battery holder * 2

HC - SR04 module * 1

mini * 1

UNO * 1 (for prototype use)

breadboard * 1 (for prototype use)

phone line box * 1

Step 2: Clean It All

Step 3: Fixed the Circuit on the Cover

fixed the SSD DCV - display module and HC-SR04

and mini on the cover with the hot glue gun.

Step 4: Test Circuit With UNO

maybe there are someone wondering about

how does it work:

because the mini have a max current limits.

so i use a dcv-displayer to independent the display

circuits from the mini.

the ping sent out signal... and travel...

and get reception t us later.

the mini convert the t domain to PWM domain.

and the dcv mudule convert PWM domain

to v domain.

and then the distance is on SSD now !

Step 5: Coding

i use the pin 6 (PWM one) to output the dist,

but you could use any one pin that support

for PWN as you like.

Step 6: Finished

the MAX dist is about up to 499 mm !




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