Introduction: Tiny Blaster (made With Extra Sugru)

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I had some extra Sugru after my car remote fix. I didn't want it to go to waste so I made a tiny baster. I made the yellow and red blaster out of simple colored clay so I used it as a reference.

Step 1:

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I first got the main shape of the blaster and then prepared the shape of the details to be attached. Such as rolling the two strips into decent cylinders.

Step 2:

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I simply attached the strip to the top of the blaster. Careful not to press them to hard so that the shapes are distinctive.

Step 3:

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adding the blaster muzzle. a simple dot.

Step 4:

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Adding the tiny trigger and using the plastic blade to press it into the body of the blaster.

Step 5:

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After adding a few details the tiny blaster is complete


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