Construct your own miniature siege engines!

Step 1: What You'll Need.

1. A couple of nasty looking boards.
2. A 1/2" diameter dowel.
3. A short piece of a 2x2.
4. A length of thin rope.
5. Two 1" wood screws.
6. A 1/2" drill bit.
7. A 3/4" spade bit.
8. A drill or drill press.
9. A table saw or circular saw or handsaw.
10. A miter saw or miter box or motorized miter box
11. Scissors.
12. A screwdriver
13. A lighter.
14. A pencil.
15. A roll of tape.
16. A ruler.
17. A miniature enemy.
awwwwwwwweeeeeesommmmmmmme. will be making one of these and(hopefully/maybe) be setting it up on the roof at school. :)
<p>don't you dare </p>
<p>unless you want an f</p>
Looks cool gonna make one<br>Also easy to follow<br>Good all round<br>Favourited and followed
Great idea. I built a zillion rubber band guns for my kids, now I can build catapults for my grandson.
Hi Pariahcycle, <br>I built a couple of your catapults. Fun little project and my boys will have tons of fun to come as well. <br>A few comments though: <br>1) The upper dowel position didn't work for me. I had to move the upper dowel to be right above the lower one. Otherwise, the catapult would have thrown its ammunition (little foam balls in our case) only onto itself. <br>2) I didn't have a string, and used multiple long rubber bands instead. <br>3) I sanded the lower shaft so that the catapult arm would turn with less friction. Worked like a charm. <br>Thanks for posting.
I'm glad you gave it a try, and thanks for letting me know about the problem with the hole position. I may have to double-check my measurements and edit the instructions.
looking good!

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