Tiny Green Tea Garden





Introduction: Tiny Green Tea Garden

For this instructable I thought about coming up with a great gift idea for those of you on a budget!
This miniature moss garden is composed of supplies that require little to no new purchases!
In order to get started you will only need a few things......

-1 new or used teacup and saucer (preferably a saucer with a large rim)
 Note: At every goodwill I've been to, there is always a surplus of cheap teacups!

-1 back or silver permanent marker

-A box of Scotch Moss

- Various pebbles or different sizes and colors

Step 1: Clean Pebbles

First, place the pebbles in boiling water and this will eliminate any dirt or dust on them, as well as making them easier to write on.

Step 2: Place Moss Into the Teacup!

Warning: Do not try to force a lot of the moss into the teacup, it will grow into it!

Step 3: Select Some Words That Best Describe the One You Love!

Use the permanent marker to write Chinese characters that best represent the person you are making this for!
I'm making this for my Grandfather for Father's Day, so I thought of a few of the better qualities he has!

Here are some examples of characters you can use:

Step 4: Arrange Your Garden!

The last step is to arrange your Tiny Green Tea Garden as you desire! Fill the saucer with many decorative rocks or make it ultra zen with only a few!



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    Simple and Beautiful. "Tiny Green Zen Garden".

    Thank you! (◡﹏◡✿)

    I have never used moss does it require any soil?

    yes, moss should have soil

    This craft is right on! I love it! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

    Thank you sunshiine! (。◕‿◕。)~

    I want to make one of these for my wife's healing room. Could you translate the word "healing" into Chinese please? Thanks;)

    to heal= 医治

    thanx 4 sharing very nice