Picture of Tiny Gun
this is a very small gun but will fire about 50 feet :)

(this is my first instructbles tell me what you think plz)
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Step 1: Barrle

Picture of Barrle
Right first things first you need to make the barrle :P

very easy. If you can't make it out by the pics then plz let me know so i can help you with it

Step 2: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
well you got a barrle hows about a trigger to go with that

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle
Well how would you hold it????

Step 4: Fireing pin

Picture of Fireing pin
what you gona do blow that sucker out from there?

Step 5: Putting it together

when your done it will look like this.

(this also shows how to add the rubber bands

i find that 8 small rubber bands will do
ill add a pic of mine for you :)

Step 6: Load and fireing

Picture of Load and fireing
ok pull back the fireing pin and the trigger will automaticly drop into place (if you added the bands on right ) then drop a small green/black rod into the hole of the 8way (circle) connecter

point and press the trigger down. Watch that bullet fly

i will not take responcbilty of any injury caused by this gun beacuse its not my falt your a plonker and shoot your self now is it ?? XD