Tiny K'nex Gun





Introduction: Tiny K'nex Gun

I've made a lot of k'nex guns but none of mine can seem to beat this one. it can fit a small green rod, a white rod or up to three bb's. This is my first instructable so dont be too harsh.

You will need:
2 blue rods
2 orange connectors
1 grey 2-slot connector
5 grey 1-slot connectors
1 rubber band

Step 1: Make the Body/barrel...

Very simple, just make what you see in the picture...

Step 2: Now the Firing Pin...

Again, make what you see in the picture...

Step 3: Done!!

Put the firing pin through the top hles of the gun and put the two ends of the rubber band over the top parts of the orange thing.
pull back the pin, (be sure to move the trigger so that it holds) and put in some ammo!



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    ive seen alot of these models but this one is the best :D

    u are all saying about the pico powred gun but i have not seen that will someone post me a link?

    Do you cut the band or not??

    Is the grey 2 slot fit on the rod or connected???

    the pictures are hard to understand.

    Nice gun even if it is a bit small...

    This is the damn Pico-Power gun only with no handel!!!

    the title of expert normal goes to someone that can build something well/ or is very well versed in a subject (he could easily be a block trigger expert)

    im new to instructables and also new to making knex guns! i think you are all being realy harsh. what about the "We have a "be nice" comment policy"? shuoldnt you be encoreging him to make more and how to improve it? because all your doing now is being complete dicks. jon

    I think you're being hypocritical, calling us dicks. That's not exactly what i would consider "nice" And anyways, take a good look around and see what really good knex guns are - oodalumps' MG, the K'nexecutioner, the shifle... not this thing.