Tiny KNEX Uzi -- 13 Pieces




Introduction: Tiny KNEX Uzi -- 13 Pieces

Here is a tiny uzi I made. It does not have a trigger, but has a button. To shoot you have to press the button and it will shoot. If you press the button hard enough it will eject the shell, or the blue rod button. Not the best gun ever, considering it is single shot and has very low range. So here is how to make it.

Step 1: Make It!

Here is how to make it. Pic 1 what you need Pic 2 body Pic 3 handle Pic 4 add ammo Pic 5 add button/shell - Now you are done!



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    lol this is hilariously tiny

    I can fit this in the back of the knex sniper rifle(I have instructions for this rifle

    I made it) that I made and pull it out whenever I want to stop sniping lol

    I tried to make it in the shape of an uzi but kinda failed

    nice gun for being that small it's good range 3-5 feet