I have always liked space saving products so I decided to create a all in one kitchen unit that is meant to allow the user to stay in a standard van on his/her own for a couple days and cook with relative ease and comfort. (This is my first Instructable)

Step 1: Initial Idea/ Development

I first had to decide what type of design I wanted to go for. See image for details. Once I had a idea of what I wanted I made a 3D model using sketchup.

Step 2: Material and Cutting List

Here we have a list of the components that make up the frame. The panelling isn't included on these lists.

Step 3: Build and 3d Model

There are so many steps in this build that I have made a power point to include all of them. Note that the sketchup file is also included.

<p>I will have to take some time to check this out later, I downloaded the powerpoint and sketchup files. I have an older mini bus(23 passenger) I am converting to a hunting/fishing/camping vehicle and have a small space for the kitchen area this might work for the area I have.</p>
This is great and just in time! I am working on converting my van into an rv, ( sort of) now that I don't need to haul the 5 kids around. I plan on putting in a bed/sofa and was wondering how to do the kitchen part. Thank you soon much!
<p>Sounds awesome, glad you liked the design.</p>
<p>Great space saving design.</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>

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