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Introduction: Tiny K'nex Pistol

This tiny K'nex Pistol is really simple and uses just 12 pieces (not including ammo or a sight). It doesn't use a rubber band either.

Step 1: Parts

4 blue rods
2 yellow rods
1 white rod
2 green connectors
1 yellow connector
3 red connectors

Any rod you like although the small green ones are the best

Step 2: Put It Together

Once you have all those parts you can put it together.

Just go off the pictures its really easy

Step 3: Try It Out

Load your finished gun and have a go

It doesn't have very much power but it would hurt if you got it in the eye so be careful

there are many things that you could do to this gun to mod it so have a go and post your pictures



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    Sorry, I'm still confused about how to fire it.
    Can you re-post the video or put it in the Instructable?

    this gun is great. i tricked it out but it doesn't go very far

    Thank you so much for this. My ten year old just built one and it has a good range with the green ones. Fairly accurate, too.

    look, is it a bird, is it a plane, noooo, its... SUPER LAME!!!

    Pull back the trigger. (The White One)

    and where do u put do the ammo

    The ammo goes in the holes in the red ones.

    oh and use one of the small green ones for ammo

    i need to know how to mod this gun

    couldn't it break the white circle if u shoot it a lot???

    1 reply

    possibly. Although i have never broken one!

    this is realy good! im gonna mod it and ill post it:P


    I love the idea that you don't need rubber bands. I made 8 of those guns. there fast to build guns, but they go about 10 feet.


    mine dosn't shoot

    you faked the range is what i mean, i payed attention to the video. you let the green rod bounce on the ground. i can prove it to. if the green rod really did hit the glass window and then fall onto the place mat the place mat would have just absorbed the fall, making no second clunk. in your video i heard at least 2 "clunks" of the green rod hitting the floor, that proves it bounced on the floor, not hit the wall. this gun can shoot 5 feet max. i made this, it stinks.