Picture of Tiny Origami dragon kite - pequeño cometa de dragón de origami
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This is my weekend proyect, based in a simple kite and the origami dragons that I pleated when Iwas child, It is part of a serie of origami dragon kites  and hope you enjoy

For the dragon you will need

- some pieces of paper (can be a great one)
- sew and needle
- some of glue /tape
- scisors
- some patience and origami and maths skills

Note this kite its a complex version of THIS ONE (link) I recomend study that instructable before continue


Este es mi proyecto de fin de semana, basado en un cometa mas sencillo y los dragones que plegaba de niño, Es parte de una serie de dragones que he hecho y espero que les guste.

Para el dragón vas a necesitar:
- algunas piezas de papel (o una grande)
- hilo y aguja
- pegamento /cinta adhesiva
- Algo de paciencia, habilidades en origami y en matemáticas, tampoco vienen mal

Nota: este Intructable, es una versión complejizada de ESTE OTRO (link), recomiendo que lo estudien antes de continuar.

Step 1: Preparing the paper - preparando el papel

Picture of Preparing the paper - preparando el papel

you need cut the paper into this pieces

for the body: a strip of 12 X 48 cm (maybe you need use the scisors and the glue)
for the wings part: a square of 24 cm on side
for the head: a 18 cm square is fine (by experience I used a 12 cm and doesn't look god)

I had some pieces cuts like squares of 24 cm, Because that I use 2 strips and glue when are folded, but if you care, the order doesn't matter.

necesitas cortar el papel en las siguientes piezas

para el cuerpo: una tira de 12 x 48 cms (quizas nesesites pegar papeles)
para la parte de las alas: un cuadrado de 24 cms por lado
para la cabeza: un cuadrado de 18 cm esta bien (yo use uno de 12 cm y no se vio bien)

Yo tenia algunas piezas de papel cortadas en cuadrados de 24 cms, por ello use 4 tiras y las pegue cuando ya estaban plegadas, si tienes cuidado, no importa el orden en que lo hagas.


hello i got an idea for a pointy tail:



The first pdf shows the cutting-pattern on a 24x24 cm square sheet

The second pdf shows the already assembled tail before folding

if a link has not changet its text color, copy it and paste it into the adressbar of your browser

kleffa (author)  Kite builder1 year ago

yeap! when I was a 12 years old kid (really, I am a 27 years old kid now) I used origami like this for make dragons and aligator puppets. when I discovered this one http://www.kiteplans.org/planos/paperkite/paperkite.html I tought I can do it simple, and start my experiments in origami-kites. I think the pointly tail is a great idea, I didn`t use for this one, but for the puppets are nesesarie! (i remember I cut pointly after the origami part)

i find no 24 cm x 24 cm paper

does it fly if i use 20 cm x 20 cm paper and scale all vaules down?


On wich crosspoint of creases you tied the kitestring?

kleffa (author)  Kite builder1 year ago

I think yes, the origami is about proportions, but the tick of paper is a important factor.
I had to cut my own paper for origami, I used the 24 cm as reference for scaling.

and I used the third crosspoint, I hope helped you

hello i made a foldingplan of the wings-piece with a round point for the kitestring-point:


is this the right position for the kitestring?

kleffa (author)  Kite builder1 year ago

yes! but I have to confess I improve this dragon as a simplified form of a bigger one (you can see photos at http://papelyviento.katriko.cl/tagged/Dragon )

I think your diagrams are very clear, can I use your diagrams for my instructables?

yes you can use them

And here an idea for a different shape with the pointy tail i already shown you

and with pointy wings, i think, they look more natural.



in the first file you see the original shape of your dragon with pointy cutting lines to create the new shape.

iv the seccond file you see the weady assembles new shape.

in both it´s before folding.

why you sayd @ step 1 you glued 2 pieces of paper together for die body, but in your pictures underneath the text i see 4 pieces for the body.Did you make the strip 96 cm long?

kleffa (author)  Kite builder1 year ago

I tried to make that, but the kite had too much weigth, because that I use only the half of the 96 cm strip