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Introduction: Tiny Origami

Since high school I've liked to make tiny little origami thingies. Well, a while back my wife read an article liked on the Coast to Coast AM web site about tiny origami and I decided to share my own.

Here they are. A flower, fox, simple crane, traditional crane, and loch ness monster (or dinosaur).

The original article was:

Some background for you: I used to fold origami in class and my teachers didn't like it. To keep from getting caught I had to make them smaller and smaller. I would then leave them on my desk at the end of class as a present for whomever came by next. This also meant I couldn't use tools or special paper, so these are made by hand with printer paper.



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I have an obsession with miniature things and I also love origami. This is an awesome combo of the two! Too bad I don't know how to make it. A step by step folding tutorial would be nice.

Thank you! Which model were you looking for instructions on?

Honestly any of them would be nice. :) Especially the traditional crane and the fox.

Ah, the crane is a classic. The fox is a favorite.
I have video instructions for making the tiny origami here:

For a text and picture, this is a nice crane:

The fox is from a book called Origami Omnibus, Paper Folding for Everybody by Kunihiko Kasahara and it's a great book to get for lots of cool models.

Hopefully I'll get some more models up soon!

Omg I do this a lot I once made mini ninja star earrings also I find that they hate when u draw also :/

Wonderful! I would love if you posted a pic of that! I like to make this ninja star that slides out to a ring, but I make it larger so I can write hidden messages inside it. I'll post pics if I find one I had made.

Thats awesome. I showed a bunch of people my crane until some idiot threw it to the ground and crushed it.

I'm sorry to hear that. there trends to always be that one person that wants to bring you down to their level. I've found the best response is to make a new one, and make it even better! Never stay down.

Oops I put also twice

I won't tell if you don't. :-)