asoo3 years ago
How the soot?
triumphman (author)  asoo2 years ago
How you soot?
Does the plastic lining of the can add flavour ??? yuck !!
triumphman (author)  Lectric Wizard3 years ago
No yuk ! Its Teflon-like coating .
Teflon? in a tin can? whadja buy that came with a non stick pan wrapped around it?
zombiefire3 years ago
wat if u don't have a mini kerosene lantern,can u tell me where to buy one and if not achievable can u make an instructable on how to make one of send me the diagram of the lamp and i will try to make an instructable on it
I've seen small lanterns like this @ Wally World. Plus, if ya like ya can make one outta an old glass miniature liquor bottle. Poke a hole or cut a slit in the cap, add a wick, and WAHLAH!, mini-lantern!
triumphman (author) 3 years ago
Done and done !
HollyMann3 years ago
user#113 years ago
that's awesome, now if only i had a tiny lantern...

ebay maybe?
BIGB3AR3 years ago
Really cool idea you should enter it in some of the contests.
Enter it in the pocket-sized contest!