Introduction: Tiny Rainbow Dorayaki

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Hi! Today is Sunday here. It's time for a colorful day. Now, let's make something sweet to eat. And today, we'll make the Tiny Rainbow Dorayaki.

And here's how.

Step 1: You Need

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250 gr flour
100 ml milk

100 ml tea

Sugar (as sweet as you want)

2 eggs

Food color (green, red, blue)

Chocolate Jam

Topping (Candy or chocolate)

1 tablespoon yeast

Butter/vegetable oil

Step 2: 1

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Mix egg, sugar, and yeast. Stir it well.

Step 3: 2

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Add the flour. Mix it well.

Step 4: 3

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Pour the tea and the milk, slowly. Make sure it's not too tick or too thin.

Step 5: 4

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Cover it with wet cloth for 30 minutes.

Step 6: 5

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Separate the dough into 5 parts. (plain, red, blue, green, purple)
Add the color into the each of the parts. Red, blue, green, and purple. Stir it well.

Step 7: 6

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Heat the pan. Add butter or vegetable oil on the pan. Pour the dough into the pan. Cooked well.
Now. Add the chocolate jam and the topping between the dorayakies.

Step 8: 7

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Your Tiny Rainbow Dorayaki is ready to be served.


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