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Introduction: Tiny Seance Kit in a Mint Tin

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I got this tin of mints at the local comic book store. It's the same size as an Altoids tin. Seeing a tiny Ouija Board as an opportunity, I filled the tin with everything you need for a tiny seance.

The kit includes the following: Ouija planchette, Incense, ceramic incense bowl, Matches, Crystal Ball, Bell, and one miniature (but complete) set of Tarot cards

I lined the tin with brown velvet, this is glued in with plain Elmer's Glue.The Mystical Crystal Ball is made from a clear marble glued to a base made from gumball machine ring and some wood putty. The Planchett is made from a guitar pic with a tiny magnifying lens glued to it. I have a box full of assorted lenses, not sure where you could source your own.

I think my favorite part is the tiny tarot deck. I've included a pdf, just print it out on 4 sheets of card stock and get comfy with some good TV and a pair of scissors, it'll take awhile to cut them all out.

A final touch would be a pair of simple white birthday cake candles. I haven't found any at the store yet but will keep an eye out for them. Candles are an important part of seances.

I hope you like my kit, I enjoyed making it.



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    do you have links to where you can buy the tin?

    Did you make the planchette? Or did you buy it, if so where?

    1 reply

    It's a guitar pick. I drilled a hole in it and glued a small lens over the hole.

    Would you be so kind to include PDF's of the other parts of the kit too?

    How do I print off the tarot cards from an iPod?

    That's pretty adorable. How hard is it to use a planchette that small?

    1 reply

    It slides around pretty smoothly, you just need friends with a very light touch!

    Brilliant idea! and very amusing too.

    I really like it!

    Lol, I'm half tempted to make one of these, but my mom would kick me out, and since I haven't found my own apartment yet...well... nice 'ible though!