Introduction: Tiny Simple(1.5v) Running Robot_part_1

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2.1.5v AAA batt.

3. homemade,

4.electronic toy,

5. DIY .

if you use a 3 v Li batt.(2032) instead of 1.5 v.

and cutout 3 cm roller then you could make

a kitty's running mini-mouse.

Step 1: Material

Picture of Material


aluminum-foil roller * 1

foam * 1

dc-motor * 1

AAA battery * 1

Cotton swabs * 1


cutter * 1

Step 2: Cutout the Aluminum Foil Roller

Picture of Cutout the Aluminum Foil Roller

use cutter to cut out a 8 cm small roller as the robot body.

Step 3: Connect 2 Copper Wire From Motor to AAA Batt

Picture of Connect 2 Copper Wire From Motor to AAA Batt

connect 2 copper wire from motor to AAA battery.

cut the foam into some slices.

fill the foam into the roller between battery.

fill the foam into the roller between dc-motor.

Step 4: Make the Power-crowbar

Picture of Make the Power-crowbar

use cutter to cutout the crowbar, just cut 80%.

do not cut the cotton head off !

and then connect to the dc motor's shaft.

Step 5: Test Run


runs pretty fast !

about 1.5 M per second.


ROBO HUB (author)2016-08-07

Super cool...

David_Lin (author)ROBO HUB2016-08-07

Yeah ! It's my second robot here.

ROBO HUB (author)2016-08-07

Super cool...

ROBO HUB (author)2016-08-07

Super cool...

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