Introduction: Tiny Tips : Draw an Anime Eye in SketchBook Pro

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Tiny Tips are just that : little tips about how to use SketchBook!

This tiny tip shows how to use the ellipse tool in SketchBook Pro to make an anime styled eye.


VoxelCraft (author)2017-04-15

um i don't know about you, but i NEVER use any shape or line tools. It makes the whole thing look unnatural.

sumoncps (author)2015-01-21

Hi ReneediCherri this is not providing enough information. I want to more information about sketchbook.

robseib (author)sumoncps2015-10-01

She has provided adequate information to accomplish the goal in my perspective. Thanks for sharing, ReneediCherri!

lokaa.loky (author)2014-12-06


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