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Final measurements are 6.5" long/3" tall/2" wide

1/4" Walnut dowel - 7.0" long
1/8" Walnut - 6.5" long/2" wide
1/4" Padouk - 6.5" long/1 3/4" wide (2 pieces)
1/4" Padouk - 2" long/3" wide (2 pieces)
Wood glue

Paint brush
1/8" Chisel
Right angle ruler

This was created as an accessory to a different Instructable, but I thought it made sense to break them into separate projects.


Dr. Pepper (author)2011-03-14

This kinda reminds me of my toolbox.

nanosec12 (author)Dr. Pepper2011-08-25

It also reminds me of your 'grandfathers' toolbox instructible that you made, only much much smaller !!

Dr. Pepper (author)nanosec122011-08-25

Yeah. I think that's what I just said but ok.

whisperonthewind (author)2011-03-16

To go with those chocolate nuts and bolts, you could make this out of cardstock (white glue and pretty card stock instead of all the other stuff). I'm sure there's a template online for this, but it wouldn't be hard to make one. Line with tissue paper (maybe waxed paper first, to protect that tool box from the chocolate), add a ribbon, and it's a great gift. Not a bad gift without the candy, though.

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