Picture of Tiny Tulips 3D Beaded Flowers
These are very tiny tulips great for earrings or make a few for a mini bouquet. If you are having trouble manipulating the tiny beads try using bigger ones to get the technique down then try the smaller ones.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To do one tulip you will need

approx. 100 cylinder beads
1 medium size gold/yellow bead for center of flower
5-7 medium size green beads for stem
beading needle (found at most sewing stores)
thread in matching colour of beads

Step 2: Row 1

Picture of Row 1
Instructable 011.jpg
Thread needle with a double arms length of thread. Do not double thread. Add 6 beads

Tie into a circle

Step 3: Row 2

Picture of Row 2
Instructable 014.jpg
Instructable 016.jpg
Instructable 068.JPG
Instructable 026.jpg
Add 4 beads and go into the next bead on the base ring. Do this five more time to make a complete rotation around the base ring. You should have what looks like a 6-pointed star.

After exiting the sixth bead in the base ring, run the needle through the first two beads that you added.

Step 4: Row 3

Picture of Row 3
Instructable 030.jpg
Instructable 032.jpg
Instructable 034.jpg
Instructable 036.jpg
Instructable 038.jpg
Add 2 beads and go down into the next bead on the same point. Then come up through the second bead on the next point. Add 2 more beads and continue down through the next bead. Continue and make a complete rotation. At the end of the row pass the needle through the next corner bead an the one above it. This will start to form a cup shape.

Step 5: Rows 4-6

Picture of Rows 4-6
Instructable 042.jpg
Instructable 044.jpg
Continue adding 2 beads the same way as in row 3. Jumping up to start a new row at the end of each rotation. Do this for 3 full rotations. Remember to hold the work so that it keeps its cup shape.

Step 6: Row 7

Picture of Row 7
Instructable 052.jpg
Instructable 054.jpg
Add 3 beads and go down through one bead. Add 1 bead and come up through the next corner bead. Repeat this for 1 full rotation. This will make the edge of the tulip flare out and make some nice petal points.

i just love this cute little thing, do u have any more different flowers to make?
Dydrmr0186 years ago
This is beautiful and so quick to make. The pictures made it very easy to follow. Have you any other flower designs? YES, PLEASE DO SOME MORE...........
emac6 years ago
these are really cool totally going to make them..... PLEASE DO MORE
cathyblac (author) 6 years ago
They are way cool looking.
Mr. Rig It6 years ago
Nicely done! Great pictures and instructions. Good job.