Step 2: Preheat oven

Preheat your oven to 200F degrees.

Place wax paper on a sheet pan and spread out the pretzels over the wax paper.
<p>Just a suggestion -- I would use parchment paper instead of wax paper -- so you don't get that petroleum wax taste. And I use a combination of really good dark chocolate and caramel squares instead of Rolo's. Then we can pretend we are being pretentiously classy as we gobble them down....</p>
These tiny turtles look delicious!<br />
that is seriously one of the cutest photos i have ever seen <br>me-want-tiny-turtle
I would lose him because tiny turtle is too tiny and then be sad.
hehe yea..maybe keep him in a pocket? lol
&nbsp;Oh OH oh! I want one! Where did you get that?
I wish it were mine, I found the image online a long time ago and it felt like it was appropriate for here :)<br />
&nbsp;Well it was just perfect, anyway I can't really have a turtle as my yard is so big I would end up building a pond for it, then I would have to learn all about how to do that, then I would want some big koi and have to learn all about them and of course some water lilies too and I'd have to buy them and learn all about the different varieties so really you have saved me about a year of work. I will just make the candies and move on.
You can pretend that the candies are your pets.<br /> <br /> But I recommend disassociating that before eating them :-/<br />
I just had to say, your comment just made me laugh for about five minutes.
kind of like if you give a mouse a cookies, in the end you would have to make the tiny tutles to relax after you thought of all ofthe things you could do. (^_^)<br /> <br /> By the way made them , loved them, once out of the oven they on lasted 20 min before they were gone. thank for the instructible<br />
wow, these are cute and look sooo tasty<br>
I am a &quot;proud&quot; member of the PETA, and I find this extremely cruel to do this to baby turtles...
I cannot tell if you are serious or not....
I THINK it was a joke but it seems kind of serious :)
Hi there, I had to sign up just to help you out with the ''don't cool things in the fridge'' idea.<br><br>The reason we're told not to put hot things in the fridge is because they could raise the temperature inside the fridge faster than the motor could cool it down again. In this case, 2 baking trays is unlikely to make a great difference. However if you put a recently boiled vat of liquid straight into a fridge to cool, it could warm the inside of the fridge quite significantly more than the motor could cope with, meaning that meat and any other rapidly perishable products are no longer cold enough to slow bacterial growth. <br><br>It's a risk you take, if you choose to put hot things in the fridge.<br><br>That's all!<br><br>x
Once you get onto the steps you loose all the mad formatting... anywyas asides from that thease look really good and im sur taste great... had i not got some kids in my scout troop with a nut allergy i would be getting them to make thease! <br /> <br /> Might see if i can make myself some... Theyre diabetic friendly right? ;) hehehe<br />
Since you have some scouts with nut allergies, how about just putting another pretzel on top. That sounds good too.
Use M&amp;M's or Hershey Kisses they taste just as good, but don't spark a nut allergy attack.
No, but im prety sure the pecans would...<br />
No, I think smartlady2028 means you can use an M&amp;M instead of a pecan!
&lt;DOH&gt;&nbsp; hehe yeah I can see that now... I can't help being simple ;)<br />
Oh my Goodness!!! My wife just made these and needless to say they didn't last long at all. Thanks for the post. We are gonna put these in regular rotation during the holidays:-)
As a person who repairs and maintains refrigerators, I can assure you that you will not noticably &quot;depreciate&quot; your fridge by using it to cool things, no matter the starting temperature. Unfortunately, some people find it necessary to criticize other people's instructables, even if the critique is unwarranted. I encourage you to use your fridge to cool things. This is why we have these kinds of conveniences in our lives. Saying otherwise equates to telling someone that taking your car out of the garage and driving it will unnecessarily wear the engine. While it is <em>technically</em> accurate that your equipment will wear with use, it is designed to run for thousands of hours without noticable wear. You will find more wear caused by your kids holding the fridge open and staring into it than you will by placing warm things in it. Bottom line: Use your refrigerator. That's why you bought it. Great instructable.
Pretzel Things!&nbsp; I see you've got a much better name for these than I&nbsp;had.&nbsp; You can also use a plain chocolate kiss (maybe a Hug, but some of the variations don't hold together well), and an M&amp;M, Smartie (anywhere but the US) or one of those Kissables on top.&nbsp; Guaranteed to get a few funny looks (sweet pretzels?&nbsp; eww!) and then disappear fast.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;I love this! &nbsp;I just made a couple sheets to bring to my friend's &quot;Death... by chocolate&quot; party. &nbsp;:)
&nbsp;Its not good for your fridge to put something so hot right out from an oven, your fridge will surely depreciate fast
What's the theory behind that?<br />
If you open and close your fridge often you would notice 'motorized' sounds coming from your fridge, because it has to start 'working' to turn the warm air that entered into the fridge back to cold air.<br /> <br /> So using that logic, if you put something really hot inside your fridge it will have to 'work' a lot more. &nbsp; &nbsp; more work = faster depreciation<br />
Well, that's not so bad then.&nbsp; You're asking the fridge to do what it was designed for, after all.&nbsp; The compressor will run longer to get things cool, but not necessarily any harder.<br /> <br />
I really didn't think much of that since the pans are only in the oven for 2 minutes... but I guess if you let them cool before putting them in the fridge it would be better...<br />
Made these today.&nbsp; Delicious!&nbsp; Thank you for this recipe.<br />
I have never heard of this...is it sweet and salty at the same time&nbsp;(due to presence of pretzel)?
OMG These are soooooo good. I made these for a few different parties over the holiday, and everybody loved them. they are so simple, and surprisingly delicious!!!<br />
&nbsp;funny recipe
They're fantastic! Our family has been making them during the holidays for years. Why only during holidays? So we don't get too fat to waddle over to the candy jar for the next one!<br />
<strong>Is anyone else getting this:-<br /> </strong><br /> ' Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:&quot;Table&hellip; '<br /> <br /> <strong>Every step has this same message???<br /> <br /> I can't see any ingredients?......................spooky!</strong>
I have that to when I hover over the steps and in the step summary. But when I click every individual step it's fine.<br /> <br /> moonkittie you best pm an admin. (fungusamungus for exeample)<br />
Yes, you're right! When I click each individual step, it shows as normal.<br /> <br /> (It's still showing as it did yesterday (Oz yesterday!).<br /> <br /> This is the first time this has happened.
Aw, I was going to make an 'ible for this! But you beat me to it!<br />
In step 2, 200&nbsp;F&nbsp;or 200 C?<br />
200F.&nbsp; I'll be sure to go back in and edit that in there.&nbsp; Thanks for asking and looking!<br />
Thanks for the clarification&nbsp;- I guessed wrong!&nbsp;I was thinking with the Rolos (a very British sweetie) that it must have been 200&nbsp;C. Glad I&nbsp;didn't try making them with an oven temp of 400 F.<br /> <br /> They do look very tasty. I&nbsp;will have to make these for m'boys.<br />
LOL&nbsp;DEJA&nbsp;VU!&nbsp;HAHA!<br /> I just think it's hilarious that I just had some of these at my friend's house.&nbsp; His mom makes them the EXACT same way.<br /> <br /> They are tiny bits of heaven.<br />
Well, now you know how to make them too!&nbsp; :)&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;My mom has a <small>little-bit-scary</small> obsession with turtles. &nbsp;To the point of weekly candy store runs (where they sell chocolate at prices that makes me think it is made of gold). &nbsp;I'll have to show her this alternative!
They look delicious!<br />
They are!!&nbsp; If you try them, let me know how they turn out!<br />

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