Introduction: Tiny Cheap Charge Light Out of Junk

Picture of Tiny Cheap Charge Light Out of Junk

i m going to show a DIY project which is cheap though handy when its dark out there :)

Items Required :
1. Ink Cartridge cover

2. Line PCB board

3. 2 LEDs

4. Old battery

5. Switch

6. Charging point

Additional items:

1. Soldering iron

2. Wires

Step 1: Making a Simple PCB Using Line PCB Board

Picture of Making a Simple PCB Using Line PCB Board

take a line PCB board . choosing this PCB board because its so cheap & good enough for this project.

here i cut it down with a scissor but you can cut it down with knife or other things that is preferable to you.

here is the catch :
Cut the suitable size leaving the 2 lines in middle because those will be used by the LEDs.

make sure you are piece that u cut have at least 4 lines. This is to make sure LEDs won't miss the holes of PCB.

Step 2: Using the Old Cartridge Cover

Picture of Using the Old Cartridge Cover
  • Tear apart the thin plastic from the cover
  • Clean & it well before 1st use
  • the BORDER line showing the placement of our LEDs. (you can improvise as you want)
  • take a Soldering ion to make hole on the border panel according to the width of pins of LEDs

Step 3: LED Setup & Soldering

Picture of LED Setup & Soldering
  • check the LEDs are going through the PCB that you had cut down. (as 1st pic shown)
  • now put the LEDs on the cover of cartridge
  • next attach the PCB with LEDs from under the cartridge.
  • then solder it
  • attach (+ve) pins with Red wire & attach (-ve) pins with Black wire with the help of soldering iron

Step 4: Switch Setup

Picture of Switch Setup

take a switch of 2 pins

you can cut down or even you can make a hole with soldering ion to set your switch & use some hot glue with it so that it will attach with the cartridge.

Attach the Red wire with 1 point of Switch.

Step 5: Battery & Charger Point

Picture of Battery & Charger Point

As we all know battery has 2 points (+ve) & (-ve)
i used a charger point which is suitable with Nokia charger.

now attach the (+ve) side of battery with + points of charging point. & the other side with other pin.

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish

now take another wire from ground side of battery to attach it with the other pin of SWITCH. so that whole circuit will complete.

Now recharge the battery & after that enjoy :)

the battery battery has about 3.3 voltage & as the LEDs are attached in parallel so it will be enough for both them & enough amount of Ampere through them. In this setup the LEDs will run for much time. But in need of high intensity light you will need to put a small register to increase the ampere between the LEDs.



peppypickle (author)2014-11-26

you did this with an ink cartarige cover? soo cool!

thanks :)

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