hello everybody!
in this instructable I explain how to make a puppet, like the ones I was a child.
It's very funny to try make this one.

¡Hola a todos!
en este instructibo explicare como hacer una marioneta, como las que hacia de pequeño.
espero se diviertan jugando con ella.

Step 1: Preparing the Materials / Preparando Los Materiales

for this project you will need

- 2 sheets of paper, size letter or A4 is fine, you can chose the color (I tried with 3 but was too much long)
- 2 wood sticks
- some glue / masking tape
- scissors
- optional: paint, markers, or anything you think can help to improve the effect

para este proyecto vamos a usar

- 2 hojas de papel, tamaño carta o A4 esta bien, puedes elegir el color que quieras (yo intente usar 3, pero quedaba muy largo)
- 2 palillos de madera
- algo de pegamento o cinta de enmascarar
- tijeras
- opcional: pintura, marcadores o lo que creas que pueda mejorar el resultado final
<p>wow, these instructions are not clear enough. it has no steps just pictures of the end of the step. i don't know how to do it.</p>
<p>the 5&ordm; step is an imagination step, you can use the idea for anything else....<br>the step 4&ordm; is just glue or use sello tape, as your desire to fix the sticks to puppet as you see on pictures, don't makes it hard... <br>step 3&ordm; is an origami part, I use pictures, because most of work is improved<br>step 2&ordm; is the body, follow the pictures and structions, are in the same order<br>step 1&ordm; is a shopping list<br><br>had any question?</p>
<p>This is just too adorable - favorited this one so I can make it later! :D</p>
<p>I hope you enjoy making this! please send me feedback</p>
What kind of help?
<p>This looks great. </p><p>I like your web page very much.</p>
<p>thanks!!! I worked hard to do that</p>

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