Tiny Torture Knex Gun





Introduction: Tiny Torture Knex Gun

this is a small gun that can shoot 30-40ft. it is very easy to build it only uses 18 pieces. it owns most big guns =p

Step 1: Construct the Barrel

the barrel uses 12 pieces only.pics

Step 2: Firing Pin and Handle

these pieces only uses 5 pieces

Step 3: Put the Gun Together

pit the firing pin down the end of the barrel then put the handle on the end of the barrel then put 3 semi-thick rubber bands from the firing pin up to the front of the gun the pull back the firing pin so you can put the orange block trigger infront of the firing pin the put one white piecs doe the other end of the barrel as you bullet then puckh the block trigger to shoot.

Step 4: Finish

you gun shoul look like the picture bellow the puch the orange piece on the barrel to shoot.



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    yeah for all u nubes who think this gun is good, it is not. the handle will turn when u fire with a lot of power, its trigger is boring, and the barrel is, well, "very inventive" this isnt even a good machine gun bullet

    5 replies

    Have you ever thought that it was made for smallness, simplicity, low piece count, and ease, and not for an impressive, big, complicated gun?

    anyone can desing a crapy litle block trigger gun like this i did when i was 5

    this was posted on may 2007 it was after only abou 4 months! give him a chance! it isnt good by todays standards, but back then, it was good

    yes, i know. i saw it when it came out. it still wasnt up to standards then.

    I hate people who automatically think simple = bad. Yes, the handle could be a little better, but it is a nice, simple, concealable gun. 4/5 (the 1/5 is for the handle)

    What is the black piece?

    this is tiny but where is the torture???? if you pointed this at someone, they would laugh at you

    1 reply

    is this not the gun from "no more block trigerrs aliance" or some thing? Bad spelling=(

    2 replies

    i like it you can make like 30 of them in a row

    you dont necasaraly have to tape the fireing pin.

    THANK YOU. You inspired me and ludwig gunner to make knex guns!!

    1 reply

    you must be very easily persuaded

    this could own most big guns wtf!


    when did you make this? killerk is MMUUCCHH better. the only good thing is you can use it as a model on how knex guns work. othreise, it sucks