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this is a small gun that can shoot 30-40ft. it is very easy to build it only uses 18 pieces. it owns most big guns =p

Step 1: Construct the Barrel

Picture of Construct the Barrel

the barrel uses 12 pieces

Step 2: Firing Pin and Handle

Picture of Firing Pin and Handle

these pieces only uses 5 pieces

Step 3: Put the Gun Together

pit the firing pin down the end of the barrel then put the handle on the end of the barrel then put 3 semi-thick rubber bands from the firing pin up to the front of the gun the pull back the firing pin so you can put the orange block trigger infront of the firing pin the put one white piecs doe the other end of the barrel as you bullet then puckh the block trigger to shoot.

Step 4: Finish

Picture of Finish

you gun shoul look like the picture bellow the puch the orange piece on the barrel to shoot.


Ludwig Gunner (author)2008-09-03

yeah for all u nubes who think this gun is good, it is not. the handle will turn when u fire with a lot of power, its trigger is boring, and the barrel is, well, "very inventive" this isnt even a good machine gun bullet

Saturn V (author)Ludwig Gunner2010-07-26

Have you ever thought that it was made for smallness, simplicity, low piece count, and ease, and not for an impressive, big, complicated gun?

rlaxrlax (author)Saturn V2011-11-12

anyone can desing a crapy litle block trigger gun like this i did when i was 5

this was posted on may 2007 it was after only abou 4 months! give him a chance! it isnt good by todays standards, but back then, it was good

yes, i know. i saw it when it came out. it still wasnt up to standards then.

I hate people who automatically think simple = bad. Yes, the handle could be a little better, but it is a nice, simple, concealable gun. 4/5 (the 1/5 is for the handle)

NatNoBrains (author)2010-12-21


Plooper (author)2010-08-09

What is the black piece?

DJ Radio (author)2008-09-20

this is tiny but where is the torture???? if you pointed this at someone, they would laugh at you

wats-a-username (author)DJ Radio2010-07-28

it never said who was being tortured

Dr.Squirrel (author)2010-01-21

is this not the gun from "no more block trigerrs aliance" or some thing? Bad spelling=(

KNEXFRANTIC (author)Dr.Squirrel2010-07-15


the master 2 (author)Dr.Squirrel2010-06-16

Nice gun!

KNEXFRANTIC (author)2010-07-15

i like it you can make like 30 of them in a row

pantsman0000 (author)2009-03-17

you dont necasaraly have to tape the fireing pin.

Wasagi (author)2007-09-27

THANK YOU. You inspired me and ludwig gunner to make knex guns!!

The Jamalam (author)Wasagi2008-12-27

you must be very easily persuaded

The Jamalam (author)2008-12-27

this could own most big guns wtf!

lord voldamort (author)2008-09-19


Ludwig Gunner (author)2007-10-06

when did you make this? killerk is MMUUCCHH better. the only good thing is you can use it as a model on how knex guns work. othreise, it sucks

well said

augsut345 (author)2007-10-30

ty guys for all of u for the good comments. i quit 4 a while because everyone thought my gubs were crap but now that i checked i might start makin more!!!!!!

DrWeird117 (author)augsut3452008-08-19

Don't listen, it is very cool. Please make more

StyleCore (author)augsut3452008-03-11

No please dont make anymore gubs please. THEY STINK SO MUCH. (i misspelled that on purpose

crossman3 (author)2008-06-25

this is an awesome gun. I modded it to go 60-70 feet.tahnks

StyleCore (author)2008-03-11

Please dont post simple guns like these. They stink.

knexgunmaker5000 (author)2008-03-09

alright, the gun is great, and i shot through a couple of copy papers, now i'll mod it, maybe it'll be as good as YOUR mod

knexpert69 (author)2007-12-31

good gun,bad handle, i changed the yellow rod to a red rod and moved the trigger closer to the handle so it can fire blue rods and btw mabye the people who hate some guns cant even build them! or mabye they dont even know what k'nex is! theres only 1 thing bad about this gun and its the handle so stop posting comments like omg this is so bad cuz its not longest comment haha

drgn_hntr224 (author)2007-11-28

i made a mod where you put the safety closer to the butt to use more green connecters 4 a shot/flak gun effect and i connected a orange thing on the end like in the instructions to the butt for more stability during fire and comfort but other than that thi is freakin' awesome!!!!!!

robbingrogue (author)2007-11-24

im using an cluster-bomb right now... ammo: 2 green small sticks put em both in the barrel, and shoot! ~robbingrogue

robbingrogue (author)2007-11-24

wow!!! it shoots suprisingly hard! ~robbingrogue

Tehevilfluff (author)2007-11-22

I made this and it rocks! I'm currently in the process of modding it.

darth acexxacer (author)2007-10-30

this should be used as a mashine gun gun

gordo87 (author)2007-09-13

wow great gun!! but adding a grey clip to the white ammo pieces helps

beanie123 (author)2007-08-31

nyc gun ive made 1 ill send it in soon

foxtrotfire (author)2007-08-15

just build it and it fires like 50-60 ft with 4 rubber bands but the back black piece flies of after each shot.

augsut345 (author)2007-05-12

it owns some big guns cause the say 100 ft and only shoot like 20 ft and this one can shoot up to 40 dr tr dr...

knexster (author)augsut3452007-07-06

Dude..noyne cares about power anymore anyone can make a gone like this and with enough rubberbands can make it go 50+ feet so yeh.

knexster (author)knexster2007-07-06

lol gone meant to say gun

augsut345 (author)2007-05-12

gamer if you keep sayin that i wil make only block triggers you hoebag

knex boy (author)augsut3452007-05-29

it dont shoot 30ft it shoots 3ft!

occoo5666 (author)augsut3452007-05-27

this gun sucks and you know it. stop trying to get your name out with crappy little guns that are not worth looking at!

Easy Button (author)augsut3452007-05-12

your a hoebag because these guns suck

nice gun post it

my knex gunya i made a forum for it

(ur pick)

augsut345 (author)2007-05-27

cool antony

Antony (author)2007-05-22

I Like This Gun! Simple,and yet very powerful! But i found a cone piece and replaced the trigger and the trigger was very tough to break!

HBF (author)2007-05-22

I modded your gun to make the barrel bigger, and the handle more easier to use.

captianchase (author)2007-05-21

goose your first gun was a moded killerk block trigger so be quite

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