Tip: Protect Your Posters





Introduction: Tip: Protect Your Posters

Don't you hate it when you take down your posters and they rip?! Protect your pics without a frame, the easy way.

You'll need:
contact paper

Step 1: Cut Your Corners

Cut a strip of contact paper into four squares, about 4x4 inches.

Step 2: Reenforcements!

Remove the backing and apply a square of contact paper to the back of the poster in each corner. Use your ruler to smooth out any bubbles in the contact paper. Place pieces of tape on each square.

Step 3: Stick 'em Up!

Pick a spot for the poster on your wall and slap it up there. And if it doesn't look right, that's okay! Now, you can take it down and move it without worrying about destroying the corners of the poster.



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You can also use clear packing tape (which you are more likely to have on hand than contact paper). I used to attach a thin square of cardboard (say from a cereal box) for added durability, or you could add an extra layer of tape. I have old posters in storage that have survived for years and through four or five moves. It's not as pretty as a frame or mounting to foamboard, but the result is that you never need more than one hole in each corner and ripping is almost impossible.

I did something similar with my posters, using regular scotch tape. I like the contact paper better though, it seems like a better solution.

I use clear packing tape as well. =) works nicely

thats something I could've used growing up haha I've lost several posters due to evil thumb tacks!! But since working in a frame shop my pictures have to be in frames lol! Great idea though, never would've thought of that!

Another great way to preserve and protect posters is to mount them on a cheap sheet of foam board, this means you don't have to do anything to the poster and they stand out nicely because there's a little depth added to it... Another thing is you can wall mount or add about an inch to all dimensions on the board and put plexiglass over it for an important or cherished poster or anything else.

Great Instructable! My posters get teared in the corners and everything, I hate using tacks, staples, or other tape, but I'll do this for now on if I can get contact paper. +5/5 stars.