Tippie Top: This might be the most fun thing I've ever made

video Tippie Top: This might be the most fun thing I've ever made
This was turned on my lathe from a small piece of claro walnut I had in the shop. It was originally from a bag of firewood I bought.  

I turned it in about 15 minutes, but it took anther 30 minutes to get the shape right for it to flip over on it's head.

Any pointers on the shape of it? Mine looked like yours, but never flipped. It would tip to it side, but that was it.

kludge77 (author)  avidmtbiker1 year ago

I had that happen to. You can see in the video.
The trick is a perfect curve. Look for where the piece is stopping on its side. Then re-chuck it up and refine that section. I'd say I had to re-chuck the top about 4 times before getting it to flip.

Vinsu1 year ago
Nice! Good job.
Neat. I wish our lathe had as many accessories as yours.
You can make the mandrel he has out of maple.
You put a morse taper on one end and a peg on the other.

Or even easier, you can drill a 3/4 hole and tap it with a 3/4 - 16 tap.
(or a 1 - 8 tap, if you have a bigger lathe).

You also don't need those accessories, you can just use the spur drive. The mandrel is just a lot quicker.
waldaddy1 year ago
Lol. Brilliant! You're pretty good with a skew chisel bro!
kludge77 (author)  waldaddy1 year ago
bob30301 year ago
Very nice. That is a beautiful wood. Too nice to end up as firewood. Thanks for posting.
Izac371 year ago