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We'll show you how you can be your own plumber. This instructable will explain how to remove your old plumbing and update it for more efficiency. 

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Step 1: Turn off the Water, Cut Out the Water Lines, and Solder the Water Shutoffs

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The first and most important step is to turn off the water in your house!

After you're sure everything is turned off, you'll want to cut the the hot and cold water pipes that run to your bathroom. Also cut and remove all oft he existing water lines, the vent section leading to the sink, and the main stack 5 in below the vent tee. Take some old rags and stuff them into the openings to prevent leaking or smelly sewer gas. 

Finish off the removal by cutting the main stack and everything connected to it. After everything is cut, emote the entire plumbing tree.  

Drain all the remaining water from the pipes. Once you're sure no water is left, solder in two ball-valve water shutoffs. You can now turn on the water for the rest of the house without fear of flooding your bathroom.

Well of course the water and electric mains need to be turned off if you're going to work on your toilet plumbing! Best to make sure that you have a lot of towels at the ready too just in case!