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Step 1: Find A Good Spot To Airsoft

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When you go airsofting, it is good to be on a team but most importantly, find a good spot to go airsofting. When you airsoft you don't want to be in plain field. If you do go in a field then you have to have at least tall grass or a base because you don't want to be seen or hit. A good spot to go, is in the woods because there are many things to hide behind. Also going to airsoft battle field such as ~black ops airsoft~ is good to go airsofting too!!
runamazondry10 months ago

lol not a bad write up dood but yeah more info would be great

Master Wasi 4710 months ago

You should give us more information. Every airsofters knows these. Anyway nice picture and you also have a nice gun.

Your number 1 tip should be "start with a good instructable"