Step 1: Find a Good Spot to Airsoft

When you go airsofting, it is good to be on a team but most importantly, find a good spot to go airsofting. When you airsoft you don't want to be in plain field. If you do go in a field then you have to have at least tall grass or a base because you don't want to be seen or hit. A good spot to go, is in the woods because there are many things to hide behind. Also going to airsoft battle field such as ~black ops airsoft~ is good to go airsofting too!!
Your number 1 tip should be "start with a good instructable"
<p>Oh my the burn...</p>
<p>lol not a bad write up dood but yeah more info would be great</p>
<p>You should give us more information. Every airsofters knows these. Anyway nice picture and you also have a nice gun.</p>

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Bio: Airsoft is life!! I like playing airsoft in the woods and in fields. I have a g36c airsoft gun. My teams name is special ops ... More »
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