Step 2: Habits

Picture of Habits
habits, not rabbits but habits. The chicken is known to be as smart as dog's and pig's, so this means they are good at learning, usually how to get in the house. Its that horrible feeling when you go down stairs and you think someone is burgling your house, but it just turns out to be a chicken pecking crumbs off the floor. This is because they have found that jumping on the handle of the door makes the door open.

The other thing they like to do is perch on the kitchen windowsill. Very scary if its dark, just sat there clucking at you as if they want to come inside. It is kind of cute sometimes, especially when they pretend they haven't done anything but really they have been in the bin.

Chickens love to scrat around for worms and other insects they find on the floor, this will wreck you're grass, but it makes the soil really fertilized. ( yep, its true). There are lots of bad points about that though, as fertilizer is feces, so yep, it means you get a lot of chicken poo around your garden. good and bad points, mostly bad but we all do it. its not nice when you trend in it and they do it straight after eating. (i will make the point that there eating all day. thats some big amount of poo).

To keep your beautiful chickens happy and make sure there nails are at a good length, put sweet corn or normal chicken feed in some sawdust and scatter it around they usually scrat. It gives them more of a challenge and it will let them use there claws. if you leave them on wood or concrete (battery farms) there claws will get really long and start to in growing or get infected. You can also add Vaseline to their feet, this will stop them getting dry.