Introduction: Tips to Clean DSLR Lens

If you are passionate about your DSLR and use it frequently, you must be careful about timely cleaning. However, don’t make the cleaning a daily job a you might end up hurting the lens- but do not delay in cleaning it when the lens gets dirty. Here are the tips on cleaning your DSLR lens.

Use a Skylight or UV filter

First of all, you must get a Skylight or UV filter for each of your lenses. You should attach it the lens always as the filters offer the much needed protective layer for the lens- safeguarding it from breakage, scratch & the scorching UV light. In times of cleaning, you would just need to clean the filter only. High-end lens demands higher-end filter.

Cleaning fluid

You should also get the alcohol based cleaning fluid for the lens & most of the camera stores have them for you. The fluid would help in removing fingerprints & other smudges sans leaving the unwanted streaks on the filter or the lens. However, don’t take too much fluid while cleaning, just a couple of drops would be enough. Wipe the lens in mild circular motions with cleaning tissue. Always apply fluid on your cleaning tissue & not on the lens.

Cleaning tissues

You have to get separate cleaning tissues and your everyday facial tissue won’t work here- these are rough on lens & might leave scratches. The lens cleaning tissue is made from extremely thin paper & assures the needed gentle touch on the dainty lenses. Do not re-use these tissues.

Cleaning cloth

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth is the latest alternative to the cleaning tissues. These are washable cloths that smartly wipe away oils and dust deposited on the lenses over time. You must be careful to wash these clothes regularly.

Before you use your cleaning cloth, do not forget to check for any large grit on the lens as otherwise you can end up scratching the lens.


This is another important when it comes to cleaning your DSLR lens & the camera exterior. You will get a wide range of blowers to pick from the camera stores. Before using the blower, do not forget to squeeze it a little.


If your lens is too dirty, the cleaning brushes would be a lifesaver. You must invest on a gentle brush with soft fine camel hair to eliminate any chance of scratching on the lens. There are lens cleaner pens as well that come with retractable brush & cleaning pad at two ends.

Silica Gel

Silica-gel sachets are useful cleaning tools for the DSLR camera lenses. You must have this sachet in the camera bag & these sachets help to draw out any moisture from the bag- ensuring a dry safe ambience for your treasured asset. But you should be careful to get new sachets at intervals.

Some important tips

· Be careful while changing lens.

· While changing, trim off the camera & always point the device & lens to ground.

· Always clean the camera out of wind.


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