Introduction: Tips to Clean Your Desk

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I'm going to show you how to clean your desk and some tips so all you will need is a huge messy desk!

Ps. I know everyone's desk gets dirty at one point in your life!!!! ;) :)

Step 1: Step One

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So the first thing you need is organization which I know is really hard to keep up with but you can use mason jars, pencil boxes, pickle jars pretty much anything!!!

Step 2: Let's Start Cleaning!!!

I actually have brushes, perfume, breakfast bar and you probably wondering WHY???? it's because I lay out my clothes and stuff u will be using for school because I will forget to do something so that's why I have that stuff. So first thing is to get all that stuff of your desk and put them where they go.

Step 3: Trash

The next thing I do is get rid of all the trash off your desk.

Step 4: The Last Thing to Do

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The last thing I do to clean my desk is out away the office supplies and school supplies!


Porkie Nevins (author)2015-02-20

Please don't judge all my school supplies. Thank you.

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