Tips & Tricks How to Clean Your Rug at Home





Introduction: Tips & Tricks How to Clean Your Rug at Home

Having a clean rug is more than just being healthy. It can also increase the life of the rug. If you have just installed a rug, our tips & tricks will be very helpful to get rid off allergens, dust, stains and add value to your home.

The below mentioned steps would absolutely prevent your rug from dirt, pet stains, liquid spots etc. These quick tips would ensure the longevity of your rug and strengthen the life of your precious piece. So, do not fret next time, if your little pet ruins your rug or a friend accidentally spills a glass of wine or any other aperitifs and follow these helpful rug cleaning tips:

Step 1: Regular Vacuum

This is the first and most important step in keeping your rug free from allergy and dust.

Step 2: Clean Stains ASAP

When your carpet gets stained, its best to clean it quickly to give yourself the best chance of removing stains.

Step 3: Remove Liquid Stains

Rub the stain with a wet cloth and clean it from outside to the inner spot so that you do not get the spot right inside the fiber.

Step 4: Remove Pet Stains

For such stains, use a damp cloth and wipe the stains as soon as possible to prevent permanent spots.



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