Though WordPress is not dedicated for creating e-commerce websites, its features like search engine optimized code and layout, user-friendly website building tools, secure design, thousands of additional plugins and themes, and regular updating of the WordPress platform, are some of the reasons why WordPress is a choice of CMS for creating such kind of websites. WordPress’s high popularity and good community support, along with its user friendly customization are encouraging more and more developers and designers to convert their design PSD to WordPress e-commerce websites.

Creating a Wordpress e-commerce site from a custom design is not that difficult a process if you are familiar with WordPress, its features, plugins, themes, and CSS. Here we provide you with some tips, tricks and resources that you can use to create a great WordPress e-commerce website.

Step 1: Responsive E-commerce Website

With the growing Smartphone and mobile device market, more and more people are using small screen devices to access the Internet. If you want your e-commerce website to flourish, it is highly advisable to make it compatible with all types of screens so it can be viewed optimally in every type of mobile device. A responsive layout will make your website adapt to any screen size ensuring an optimal display of your website in all types of devices.

There are a number of ways by which you can make a responsive website. To know in detail about a responsive WordPress website you may refer to this post.

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