Tips for Creating Bold Makeup Looks




Introduction: Tips for Creating Bold Makeup Looks In this video, Aida shares some tips on how to create a bold makeup look.


1. Bold Cat Eye: Liquid liner is tricky. CoverGirl Line Exact with a felt tip end is an easy one to use. Start from the center of your lash line and extend the line out past your eye a little bit. You can also use CoverGirl Liquiline Blast if you are more comfortable with a pencil. Use the built-in smudger to blend the line in and extend your cat eye.

2. Bold Lip Color: Start with a lip liner to make your look last throughout the day. Then use a bold color that works with your skin color and undertones. With CoverGirl Lip Perfection you can see the color through the plastic to make sure it is the right color for you. If going with a bold lip, keep your eyes neutral.

3. Bold Cheek Color: For a bold cheek look, use CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones. The main color goes on the cheekbone, then use the highlighter on top of the bone to highlight your eye. The darkest/contour color goes in the hollow of the cheek. Use a larger brush to blend.



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