In this Instructable I will go over 5 things that a birder needs to make his or her yard a bird haven. These things are: housing, feeders, habitat, water, and food.

Step 1: Habitat

Habitat is in my opinion the biggest factor for atracting birds. The reason i think this is because many people try and fail to attract birds to their house. When i see where their feeders and houses are i know why right away. Sometimes their feeders are right in the middle of a huge green field, making it hard for the birds to make it to the feeder without getting eaten by a hawk. It is very important to put your feeder where you have seen birds before. One of the best places to put a feeder is near brush, because it provides protection for the birds while they are feeding.
Thanks for sharing your information
thank you so much for your advice! we have so many birds now! :)<br />
Glad i could help! It's always good to know that the stuff i do works else where. :)<br />
Yes, very interesting! Our backyard, which backs up to a very tree-y greenbelt, has a few birds, but also has squirrels and (our) cats. Any suggestions about best non-squirrel bird feeders so we can cultivate MORE birds?
the best thing to probably use would be a droll yankee feeder.
Thank you for your advice! Like this? <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.comforthouse.com/812501.html">http://www.comforthouse.com/812501.html</a><br/><br/>there's another Instructable for a &quot;finch&quot; feeder that looks similar, using duct tubing. Hmm.<br/><br/>THANKS!<br/>
This was fantastic ... and not just the indestructible, but also the pictures you have put up.. Thank you :-)
I have tried to use feeders near the ground/bushes etc. but ended up with more birds being eaten by cats waiting in ambush. I needed to move them out a bit to get the balance right between cover and open space.
Gahh!!! i was working on my own instructable just kile this. looks like you beat be to it though. Very well Done!
Awesome idea(s). Very detailed Instructable, nicely done.
Nice instructable. I'm looking into using some of these ideas this weekend.

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