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This tire cooker was constructed by Daniel, Jesus and Alonso. The purpose of making this tire cooker is to make it so that it can be easily accessible to people who cannot afford expensive materials such as metal tape and a tire. By using sunlight and an insulation system, heat cannot escape, keeping the inside of the tire hot. You can cook anything from food or heat a tea pot. All of these materials can be obtained from looking in garbage cans, or things lying around. This project is about sustainability and using objects that a person with no money can construct.

Step 1: Realizing Your Needs

First you will need to realize what you need this cooker for.

This cooker is a sustainable design made for one dish/pan at a time. 

Going with our sustainable design restraints, we will be using sustainable materials.

Step 2: Gather Materials

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Since this is a sustainable project,  most of the materials can be found in trash cans and things lying around.
Everything you are going to need.
Materials: A spare tire( you can ask for spare tires at tire shops. Some shops will pay you to get rid of their tires.), Aluminum, glass(3X3), tape, cardboard, paper, tape and metal tape if possible.

Step 3: Beginning Construction

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Using the materials in the second page, we will need to construct the solar cooker. 

1st. Fill the interior of the tire with crumpled paper. This will act as an insulator. 

2nd. Use foil to act as a reflector. Apply the foil as a covering to the insulation. There should be no visible tire within the cooker.

Step 4: Assemble Materials Into the Right Position.

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Lay the tire in the middle of the flat board that you constructed. Put scrap paper in the interior of the tire. Scrap paper can be obtained from school in a recycling can. Put tape around the paper in order to keep the paper from falling out. 

Step 5: Add a Reflector to Direct the Heat In

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Next, apply foil around the interior of the tire. Apply tape as well to keep the foil from coming apart. Apply foil over a 56in by 16 in cardboard and put tape on the edges of the foil or come up with a sticky substances of your choice. Put the foil cardboard around the tire so that it can reflect sunlight into the interior of the tire. Put a glass panel on top of the tire so that it can trap sunlight.

Step 6: Cook What You Want.

Now you are ready to use your tire cooker. The tire cooker will take time to heat up( depending on the sun's location). Make sure that the sun is directly over the tire cooker. You can cook anything from eggs, bacon or heat up some tea. For someone who cannot have access to clean, this tire cooker is a great tool for turning undrinkable water into drinkable water.

Step 7: Conclusion

The tire cooker is an invention that can be widely used in developing countries today. Millions of people do not have access to stoves, wood fires or electricity. The tire cooker is made from sustainable objects which people can obtain from their surroundings. This tire cooker does not pollute the nearby environment and is eco friendly. 


rustynail17 (author)2015-10-18


danja.mewes made it! (author)2014-09-16

I made a similar solar cooker in Peru after seeing a design like this on youtube. Had a lot of trouble finding aluminum foil there, though :/ What were you able to cook with your's? Do you have any temperature estimates? My cookies never turned out right. I am wondering how much difference you notice with and without the reflector in terms of cooking times?, I am working on some ideas myself with other tire types and reflective materials that might be more available in such places.

DanielTekle1 (author)danja.mewes2014-09-17

We used it mainly to pasteurize water. I was in Peru recently. May I ask what part you were in? In the Andes region near Cusco, it would work very well due to the high altitude and the closeness to the sun. Also it won't work well with foil the whole way around. You need a flat reflective surface because as your cooker is now, it is reflecting heat all over the place and very little of it is reaching what you are trying to cook. I recommend using a mirror at the bottom.

danja.mewes (author)DanielTekle12014-09-17

I was in Cusco, but in the city itself there was a lot of shade from buildings and the mountains and there was only about 3 hours of solid, uninterrupted sunlight :/ I originally had less/neater foil but after continuously trying it different places the foil ($5 for a box, imported) started falling apart. We didn't even have mirrors where I was living and none of the locals seemed to, but I guess I could try that instead and see if more concentrated reflection helps. Thanks.

mauroc1 (author)2014-03-24

Doesn't the tire release toxic fumes when heated?

DanielTekle1 (author)mauroc12014-09-17

It doesn't cook the tire. The heat stays within the aluminum/mirrored area. The tire is just used as an insulator.

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