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Introduction: Tire Make Over

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This instructable explains a very simple way to make old tires look just a bit newer. Up top is pictures of what the tires look like when done and what they looked like before.

Step 1: What You Need

All you will need for this job is some cleaning supplies and a paint marker you can buy from most hardware stores. There is also tire specific paint markers you can buy at semi truck dealer ships. I just used a regular paint marker for this project.

Step 2: Clean Your Tires

Clean the tires off. The paint will come off fairly fast if you do this to dirty tires.

Step 3: Paint Your Letters

Use your paint marker and carefully paint the areas you want to show up. I chose all the raised lettering. Be patient and try to be steady.

Enjoy the new look. Thanks for viewing my instructable.



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    I just took a picture of the tires almost a year later. They still look good. I'm update the instructable soon

    I used to have Cobras on my old Nissan Hardbody pickup. Loved those tires. Currently running Discoverers A/T on my 2nd gen Taco. Cooper is tops.

    I have my white side out (raised white lettering). Every few months I thoroughly clean my wheels (the fronts especially collect brake dust). It's especially important to clean the wheels first. Then I clean the tires with a regular tire brush and soapy water, which gets the top layer of road grime off, and rinse. Then I take a wet fingernail scrub brush, dip it in Tide liquid detergent, and quickly scrub the surface of the rubber to spread it. Then hammer it with the tire brush and rinse again. Then use the fingernail scrub brush again, concentrating on the white lettering, and then let it sit for a few minutes before rinse. Lettering goes from brown to white. Taking my time, it takes about 15 minutes per axle.

    Laundry detergent has phosphors and enzymes that break down and separate oil. Properly scrubbed, it makes the tires look almost new again.

    Unless you mean scraping your tires like against a curb. It which case yes it will come off and you will risk wrecking the side wall of your tires. This sort of scrubbing will greatly shorten the life of a tire and should be avoided at all costs.

    It doesn't come off very easily with normal wear and tear and can stand up to normal car washing. Thanks for checking it out.

    This took me back to the late 80's when I owned an XR3i, every weekend I'd wash, wax and paint the writing on my tyres (sigh). I was looking at my latest car the other day and thinking it would look good if I did the tyres like I used to. This has inspired me to do it now, thank you!

    Not bad. One of the most important parts of a good car detail is cleaning the tires and rims. I hope this doesn't scrape off too easily when you scrub the tires!