Step 1: Cut the tire

Picture of Cut the tire
Of course, your first step is to get a tire. Try your local freecycle group or craigslist for a tire somebody wants to get rid of.

I used a reciprocating saw to start with. Keep pouring water on the tire to make it easier to cut. Most tires have metal bands on the insides--you'll have to cut these out first.

Use the saw to cut across the tire first, then cut the bands out. If you get a wide truck tire, I recommend cutting the sidewalls off too--they get in the way and you'll have to cut them off anyway.

Make a pattern using a shoe that you like--make sure you've got plenty of room on the sides of your feet--you'll need 1/8-1/4" later.

Cut off a piece of the tire a bit larger than your pattern.
mechanick6 years ago
I've found it's easier to use a temporary spare tire. These little throw-away spares aren't made with steel belts so cut and shape a little easier. They are the closest to the old polyester and nylon tires used by Mexicans, Vietnamese, Africans and Indians that popularized this functional footwear. The only drawback is the tires are narrow and more curved than a regular tire, but they do flatten out with time.