Tire To Stools!

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My children's school wanted outdoor stools and asked me if I could make them some. They wanted something like my ottomans but smaller.

Enter Trishaw tires! In Asian countries Trishaw or Three Wheelers are commonly used for transport. We have loads of Trishaws and hence loads of waste tires! Luckily for me there was a tire shop near my mom's and they happily gave me 24 tires FREE!

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Step 1: Materials

Now I had to make 6 stools for school and I wanted to make another 2 for me. I seriously couldn't see myself drilling and joining all these tires! My arms would kill me!! So I looked for other options and came across 2 part epoxy glue which also glues rubber. Yipppeee! saved :-D

3 tires per stool

2 part epoxy - I used EPI FIX. I'm sure you could find other options for this in your country.

2" sponge foam

9mm plywood for lid - You could also use the lid of 5L paint buckets. ( I couldn't find any at hand else I would have used it

Leather/ synthetic leather

Heavy duty Stapler Gun

Step 2: Glue it up!

Picture of Glue it up!
20140624_172303 (600x800) (480x640).jpg

First you need to give your tires a good wash to remove all the grease and grime.

Now mix your two part glue and apply on the highest point where the tires would meet and stack the other tire. Glue and stack till you get your required height. 3 was just right for me.

Wait for 24-48 hrs. My children put the glued up tires to some tests and it passed :-)

This had to be a winner Shazni :). Congratulations!!!!!

786Ayesha13 days ago

Congratulation! You are in..

shazni (author)  786Ayesha12 days ago

Thanks! I'm really excited :)

Nice use of otherwise Unwanted Products!

shazni (author)  TrollFaceTheMan13 days ago

Oh definitely! Thanks for stopping by :-) would love your votes too!

ttowngirl14 days ago
You could store stuff under the lid!
shazni (author)  ttowngirl13 days ago

yes you could :-) . If you scroll down in the comments you would see a picture of an orange stool I have uploaded. I did that without taking pictures. I have to do another, so once I do I shall add another step if you need it :-)

doodlecraft16 days ago

Wow, amazing! Perfect for outdoor furniture pieces! Probably super heavy too! :)

shazni (author)  doodlecraft16 days ago

Thanks !. Actually it's not so heavy. Trishaw tires are not heavy and it's small. My 11yr old can carry it with no problem, and she is skinny :)

nintenbro6420 days ago
This is really cool it looks great
shazni (author)  nintenbro6420 days ago


Wow! Great idea... Thanks for sharing
shazni (author)  summerinhawaii20 days ago

Thanks, I'm doing my 2 so that my kids can hide their water guns outside... will see if I can upload it later :-). Here is a pic

HollyMann21 days ago

Great job Shazni!

shazni (author)  HollyMann21 days ago

Thanks a lot Holly :-)

Looking forward to your votes ;-)

mia615200422 days ago
Love it
shazni (author)  mia615200422 days ago

Thank you! Looking forward to your vote :-)

bacon54321022 days ago
I voted for you! Love the idea!
shazni (author)  bacon54321022 days ago

Thanks loads! Need all the votes I can get :-)

shazni (author)  bacon54321022 days ago

Thanks loads! Need all the votes I can get :-)

so pretty and whimsical! love love!!

shazni (author)  blissful201522 days ago

Thank you! :-)

lindarose9223 days ago

How cool this is!! Great idea! I first saw the photo without looking at the title and I had no idea they were tires. I love the leather you used to cover them :)

shazni (author)  lindarose9222 days ago

Thank you so much Linda! I always look forward to your advise and coments :^D

mia615200422 days ago
786Ayesha23 days ago

My first impression looking at the main picture,I thought it's made out of wood.Ah made out of tuk tuk tyres!Awesome idea and looks neat,but purple is not my color.

shazni (author)  786Ayesha23 days ago

Thanks! Well, purple is the school color and that is what they wanted, so that is what I gave them. :-)

Still, I think it looks nice out doors :-)

This is amazing work Shazni. Very well done. I loved the purple color tapestry :)

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya23 days ago

Thank you so much Tarun!