Tissue Box & Digital Clock Mash-Up!





Introduction: Tissue Box & Digital Clock Mash-Up!

Well, here's a digital clock and tissue box... MASH UP!!!

*dun dun dun!!!!*


I got a digital clock at Target for $5.00 (+tax of course), and I had it for a long time.

But many Instructables inspired me to make some good art, so then this just popped up into my head.

I might post an Instructable soon, tell me if I think I should and what you would like to see!


This is in the Share The Love contest because I am making a couple and giving them out, and also just giving out directions printed out to some friends on how they can make their own.

And by the way, it looks really awesome at night. I'm working on making another one with the blue or green digital clocks, I have about 1 of each color almost. (Meaning red, green, and blue.)




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Questions & Answers


This Instructable makes me "happy! Feelin glad I got sunshine!

nice mash-up.... but I tell you the *dun dun dun!!!* was the best touch, made me laugh..... thank you!!! (note to self try to incorporate a clever music track wht instructable) jajjajajajja)

I like the idea. It's simple things like this that become big, you know?

Didn't really think about it. It was easy, all I did was remove some screws and turning thingies, cut some holes here and there, ~~soldered, spent about $500 just to make this, almost died,~~ it was actually quite easy (kind of). Took a while to get it nicely done. Thanks for the comment!

i know how you feel...

awsome i gotta try this +1 rate

cool. might just try it, but wire the buttons to the outside.

Just one Q, what happens when the tissues run out......


You just put them back into the box from a different box.

Instead of putting the clock in the tissue box, you could make a "case" for the tissue box to go into and put the clock in there instead...then, if you ran out of tissues you would just take out the empty box and put in a new one...?

A very good idea. Might try that out.