Picture of Tissue Box For T-shirts and Polos.
Are You busy and need to get your shirts fast? If you are this might be the thing for you!This is very simple and anyone can make it!This was really inspired by a real tissue box and it works just like it but instead of tissues ,it uses shirts. I first got this idea from idocracy

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Step 1: Things You need

Picture of Things You need
First you need a cardboard box(obviously),atleast 2 shirts,knife or scissors,and some duct tape

Step 2: Cutting the box

Picture of Cutting the box
Cut a hole big enough for the shirts to pull through like this.It shouldn't be too big.

Step 3: Taping the mouth

Picture of Taping the mouth
Now get your tape and tape the mouth of the box so you won't get any card board fractions on your shirts. You don't want to get any!I didn't have this on my old youtube video tutorial.

Step 4: Folding the shirts

Picture of Folding the shirts
Now it's time to fold the shirts! This is kind of complicated to explain.
First fold the shirt the pictures

Step 5: More shirts

Picture of more shirts
Now get the second shirt and fold it the same way. Put it on top first shirt like this.

Step 6: Folding it in half

Picture of Folding it in half
Now fold the green shirt in half and put it on top of the blue shirt

Step 7: Do the same with the third shirt

Picture of Do the same with the third shirt
Now fold the shirt over the third one. Fold the third shirt in half

Step 8: Putting it in the box

Picture of Putting it in the box
Put the shirts sideways and pull the first shirt half away out from the hole on the side.
dude this thing is so friken awsome and helpful (and geeky)

this looks absolutley fantastic cause i don't mind creases and only have like 10 shirts i wear very often so i will be making it this weekend,

isaac!5 years ago
lemonie6 years ago
That's a neat idea, if you don't care about creases.
Good one!

lol, its still worth a go. (o)
TiredProduction (author)  Lance Mt.6 years ago
sorry the up arrow did show in the "( o )"
spectral086 years ago
Being a college student, I'm about ready to head off campus for the summer. Oh how I wish I had discovered this idea earlier on in the school year. My dorm room simply cannot hold clothing and all of my art supplies (art major).