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Introduction: Tissue Box Guitar

This is a box made of: Tissue box, Glue, Tape, Wooden rods, and rubber bands.

Step 1: Step 1: Scavenge for Resources

In order to create your totally amazing and not-horrendously-inadequate tissue box guitar, you only need a few things.

Something to create the fret board; here I used dowel rods, affixed together with tape and hot glue that I had at my disposal. Anything to bind things together is very useful here.

A tissue box, as stated in the title. This will act as a body for your unstable music producing machine. An acoustic guitar has a hole under the strings; this helps its sound to vibrate back into your ear after bouncing against the wood inside. I suggest using a box that will have a pre-made hole once you have the tissues out of it. I made do with what I had.

As for your strings, you may use anything from a bungee cord to rubber bands; I chose the latter.

Step 2: Create and Attach Your Fret Board

Step 3: Connect Strings to Both the Box and Fret Board

Step 4: Allow Any Glue to Settle/dry; Once It Has, You Can Play It!



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