Introduction: Tissue Box Hidden Compartment

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A tissue box that is usable and can store a decent sized object. This is a step by step instruction on how to do so. This might seem long but is short and only requires everyday items for the everyday person.

Step 1: Materials

You will need Clear and or double sided tape, 2 unopened tissue boxes (either same pattern or color), and  scissors.

Step 2:

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Peel off the top of one box to allow tissues to be remove regularly, we will call this box 1.

Step 3:

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Carefully open one side of box 1.

Step 4: Pull Out Tissues

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Take out the tissues until nothing is in the box.

Step 5: Tape

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Tape the box flaps on box 1 shut to a tight seal like before it was opened.

Step 6: Box 2

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Take the other box, box 2, keep the top sealed, open one side of the box.

Step 7: Take Out

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Take out the tissues while keeping the stack together.

Step 8: Box 2

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Open the other side of the box on box 2, to where you can see through the box.

Step 9: Box 2

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(Read and look at picture before doing) Cut box 2 and in half long ways on both sides.

Step 10: Combine

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Take the top of box 2, and put over box 1, and refold flaps if needed to size top of box 2 onto box 1.

Step 11: Tape

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Tape the flaps on the inside of box 2, where no tape is visible on the outside.

Step 12: Size

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There will a tight fit since the boxes are the same size, so again, if needed, refold the flaps to fit box 2 over box 1 and tape precisely. If precision isn't your thing, don't worry about refolding flaps. but i do recommend you do so, unlike picture 2.

Step 13: Almost There

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Peel the top off of box 2, where tissues normally would come out.

Step 14: More Cutting...

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Take box 1 and cut open a good sized hole around the already peeled top of the box. Don't make it too big tissues will stay in place. This does not have to be perfect for it will be hidden.

Step 15: A Little Further...

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Take the top of box 2, and place a quarter to half of the pile of tissues inside the the box.

Step 16: Just a Tad Further...

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Carefully place the top of box 2 with tissues inside on top of box 1, do this slowly and a couple of times to get used to the fitting of the boxes, and so the tissues don't fall out.

Step 17: Complete!!! YOU ARE HOME!!! You Are Done!!!

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Enjoy the new hidden compartment in something no one will ever expect to. Thanks for looking at my instructible! Sorry for bad quality pictures if any. Hope you enjoy!!!


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