Introduction: Hidden in Plain Sight- in a Tissue Box

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Open a single side of the box and remove tissues. (You will need them in a later step)

Step 1: The Inside

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Cut the bottom off of a DIFFERENT tissue box.

Step 2: "flaps"

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Open one side of the box you tore the bottom off and rip off the two "flaps".

Step 3: Taping

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Bend the flaps in half so they make a right angle, then tape them to the box bottom you cut off. Make sure they are far to one side so you can put in the object you are hiding, and also make sure the brown side is not the side you tape the flaps on.

Step 4: Building

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Put the the flap side down in the open box (the one you haven't destroyed).

Step 5: More Tape :/

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Tape the small flap to the flap you taped onto the bottom part of the box. Put the tissues in, then open the other side and do the same.

Step 6: Disguising

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Pull one tissue out so it looks normal, add your treasures and seal it up with ONE piece of clear tape. To open it, just take off the tape.


Brock_M (author)2015-05-27

By the way please vote! This is my first instructable and I am really hoping to get a pair of rear view sunglasses and see what else is in the prize pack. Thx!!

RockyFlameo (author)2015-05-27

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Brock_M (author)2015-05-26


tomatoskins (author)2015-05-26

Such a great hiding place that no one will ever look in!

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