Tissue Holder Secret Compartment


Introduction: Tissue Holder Secret Compartment

This is a cool compartment and is pretty hard to spot as a compartment.

Step 1: Step One- Supplies

Here is a list-
1.Thin card board
2.A pencil, pen, or anything you can write with
5.Toilet Paper or tissue paper
6.Tissue box Holder

Step 2: Step 2

You need to trace out two cardboard pieces that match the bottom of the tissue paper box holder and cut them out.

Step 3: Step 3- Finishing the Project

First you need to tape the pieces of card board to inside of the tissue paper box holder. Place the first piece of cardboard half way up the holder. Next place what ever you want to keep safe just below the piece of card board than tape the other piece to the bottom of the holder.
    In the end it should look like a regular old tissue paper box holder. Lastly you should add some tissue paper or toilet paper to the top where one would pull out the tissue paper. If someone removes the tissue paper than just add a new piece. I does not matter because no one person will see what you hiding because a piece of cardboard is hiding it. It just looks like the bottom of a tissue box.



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