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Tissue paper Cherry Blossom branches, super easy, super cheap, super fast, super cute!  All you need: a few branches ( I use my neighbor's Magnolia branches after they fall), hot glue and glue gun, and tissue paper.   First, cut squares of tissue paper approx. 2-3 inches square.  Then, twist at the center. Hot glue the blossoms onto the branch where you want it.  I like the Magnolia branches the best because they are a little knobby and I use those spots to glue the blossoms. Display and enjoy! 


SusanM28 (author)2015-08-12

This is so pretty!! I love this idea!

Erika86 (author)2014-06-17

Nice! I wish I had seen this before I went ahead and spent ages making them a different way!

NErDy NErDs (author)Erika862015-01-22

Thank you! I love making these. They are very simple, but they turn out so pretty.

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